May 2018 is Window Falls Prevention Month and Alspec® is supporting Kidsafe Australia to draw attention to the issue of children falling from windows.
Alspec® is a wholly Australian-owned company and is the market leader in the design and distribution of innovative aluminium systems to the architectural, industrial and home improvement markets.
With over 40 years of commercially-bred experience, The Alspec® brands represent quality, style & function. Brands include Carinya®, the premium quality residential window and door systems, Invisi-Gard®, the renowned 316 Stainless Steel Security Screen, and the KidScreen® window fall prevention screen.

Find A Babysitter

Find A Babysitter (FAB) is Australia’s largest online babysitter website! They pride themselves on helping parents find the perfect nanny or babysitter for their families’ needs. Find a Babysitter have sponsored Kidsafe since 2010 through the provision of 1% of their revenue. In turn, Kidsafe provide FAB with content to provide parents and babysitters with the practical tools to keep kids under their care safe.

Mr Minit

Mister Minit are supporting Kidsafe Australia to raise awareness of the dangers of children swallowing button batteries. Button batteries are increasingly found in household devices. If a child swallows a button battery it can get stuck in their oesophagus or elsewhere in their system, and burn through soft tissue in as little as two hours, causing serious illness or death.
Best known for shoe repairs, key cutting, engraved gifts and new batteries in watches, the Mister Minit team are real people fixing problems.
Having celebrated over 60 years of service, Mister Minit pride themselves in fixing personal and household problems every day. They have more than 300 shops across Australia , New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.
Kidsafe Australia and Mister Minit will focus on reducing incidents of child exposure to button batteries over the next few years.


If you would like to discuss a national sponsorship opportunity with Kidsafe Australia, please contact us directly at partnerships@kidsafe.com.au


National Kidsafe Day 2018 Sponsors

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