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You can help Kidsafe spread the word about child safety through social media. Sharing the posts on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram helps us to reach more families with important safety messages as well as making more people aware that injury is still a big issue here in Australia.

Alternatively, contact Kidsafe in your state or territory to discuss options to display child safety resources at local businesses or organisations.


Kidsafe relies heavily on the kind generosity of the public to provide much needed support for our services in every state and territory. Without ongoing donations, Kidsafe would not be able to continue to support parents and carers across the country. Make a donation to your local Kidsafe by contacting them directly – all contact details can be found here.


Are you interested in helping Kidsafe promote child safety in the community?

Please contact your state or territory office here. We are currently looking for volunteers with initiative and a passion for keeping our children safe to assist us at events, expos and in the daily operation of Kidsafe.

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